Alaya [Butterfly] Ayala

The Butterfly Effect

Is the scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. 

The butterfly effect is also a term I use to

identify the overall experience that I offer to my clients. A new look can change your life, your personality, the way people perceive and interact with you and even the way you perceive yourself. My job is to help both you and the entire world realize your full potential. All the beauty you have inside can be expressed many ways. Outside of your actions and among other things your presentation can speak volumes. You can say a lot without saying anything at all. As much as we don't like to think about it we are constantly being pre judged. Take for example the importance of first impressions, and remember we only get one. I can help you with your image even if you are not quite sure exactly who you are or what that is. It's just what I do.


At the tender age of 15 I was already working at a local salon, a gig I acquired based off of my reputation. I have been a licensed professional for about years. There is nothing that makes me happier than my life's work. Not everyone is lucky enough or talented enough to turn their passion into a full time career.

Thankfully I am no longer an under paid minor. I have since learned to build value for my time and services through education, dedication and experience. I only use high quality products, my hand made pomades and oil blends are carefully concocted. My accessory collections provide the perfect unique individual finishing touch. I listen to my clients wants but I never put them before their needs. So much so that I reserve the right to decline any service which is either unhealthy, un flattering or booth. My clients are reflections of me. I would never do an install on someone that I hadn't done for myself. I care about your hair health. I try to teach as I go and I am always eager to answer questions and offer advice, what good is all this experience if I don't share what I've Learned ? 

I leave all my clients with care instructions, from maintenance to washing , from touch ups to take downs, and in addition they receive my direct personal contact in the event they need me for any reason. All my clients automatically get inducted into what I call the Goddess Gang, an elite network of female professionals that will always receive superior treatment as well as special offers and advantages others wont. Just as a humble token of my appreciation.

I believe one single action, and or lack of action can affect your entire life . There is no choice like the right one. This is why I find it flattering that even though my clients have many other options they choose me time and time again. I have come to realize the reason, it is because I know and value the importance of health comfort and appearances. Not only do I always put my best foot forward, but I take the extra care to tailor each style for each individual as I strongly believe each client to be a reflection of me.