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Traditional goddess locs  can be customized so many different ways. Of course I provide my clients with the highest quality hair, and for an additional fee I even offer 100% human hair as well. Hair for my unique Goddess Locs is purchased from suppliers in bulk and available for resale.

The tips or ends of my locs are never burned, I offer two water proof sealing alternatives. Due to experience and over time I have developed my own techniques and as my client you can rest assured that your locs wont slip, un ravel or take more than 1 sitting to install.

If you would like to review your many options for goddess locs such as Boho lox, Mermaid locs, Gypsy locs, Malibu lox, Fairy locs, BOHOlocs, Bohemian locs,  Yarn locs and more  links are below

​There are so many hair textures available to us at this point in time. Locs can be soft silky, wavy, curly, course, or kinky. They can be installed with synthetic hair, human hair or even yarn.

Rates may vary not only between lengths and textures but also vary between Faux locs and goddess locs. The difference between the two are simple. Faux locs have the blunt ends just like a traditional dread loc would have, while goddess locs will have a more loosened curly or wavy end.

The reason for this being that Faux locs were made to mimic the natural dread locs style of say Lil Wayne or Dutchess of the Black Ink Crew. On the other hand goddess locs were created by Meagan Good and Dr.Kari to imitate the beautiful and unique locs of the infamous Lisa Bonet. You can review your many options for faux locs right here  links are below

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And these are #crochetindividuals - link

Nothing I do can be defined as " cheap " but crochet individuals are a more affordable, variation of the locs you all adore. When installed properly they are virtually undetectable, flexible and tension free.

Since Goddess locs and Faux locs are some of the more pricier styles and I want to accommodate every client, It's only fair that I not only offer payment plans but I also offer these gorgeous crochet individuals as a less costly alternative.

My crochet individuals look and feel like the real thing so no one will know. They can be messy or neat but either way they are fabulous.

As an added bonus they take less time to install. The average install time is around 4 hours. That doesn't take away from the fact that these locs can last 2-4 months with proper care.They are versatile and customized to flatter your face and style.

If you just want to try this style out, if you are concerned about installation times or if your budget is tighter these are a great option to consider. They look like a million bucks but yet they wont break your bank .

What I love most of all about Crochet   besides theme being the most inexpensive install I presently offer my clients, has to be that the average installation time is just around 2 hours. These crochet styles can last months and months with proper care.

When installed correctly no cornrows are visible , it can be warn up or down and tossed all around with no problems. This is a great option for the woman on the move.

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