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Crochet Individual Goddess LOCS

Nothing I do can be defined as " cheap " not even the least expensive style. My work while affordable, could never be cheap. However since Goddess locs are one of the more pricier styles and I want to accommodate every client It's only fair that I not only offer payment plans but I also offer these gorgeous crochet individuals as a less costly alternative. My crochet individuals look like the real thing no one will know. They can be messy or neat but either way they are fabulous. As an added bonus they even take less time to install. The average install time is around 4 hours. These locs can last 2-4 months with proper care.They are pain free versatile and customized to flatter your face and style. If you just want to try this style out, if you are concerned about installation times or if your budget is tighter these are a great option to consider. They look like a million bucks but yet they wont break your bank click here to learn even more.

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