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​There are so many hair textures available to us at this point in time. Locs can be soft silky, wavy, curly, course, or fine. They can be installed with synthetic hair, human hair or even yarn. Rates may vary not only between lengths and textures but also vary between Faux locs and goddess locs. The difference between the two are simple. Faux locs have the blunt ends just like a traditional dread loc would have, while goddess locs will have a more loosened curly or wavy end. The reason for this being that Faux locs were made to mimic the natural dread locs style of say Lil Wayne or Dutchess of the Black Ink Crew. On the other hand goddess locs were created by Meagan Good and Dr.Kari to imitate the beautiful and unique locs of the infamous Lisa Bonet. You can click here To learn more about your Faux locs options.

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