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Hawaiian Mango Blossom Oil #SALE

Hawaiian Mango Blossom Oil #SALE

Mango is great for improving your skin and hair. This is because the mangos have a nutrient called Sebum keeping hair moisturized and necessary growth to bodily tissues.

With that being said there is nothing sweet about te Hawaiian Mango Blossom oil - this stuff is potent - and so If you came here looking for the typical perfumed up greasy oil that just sits on top of your hair and gives it sheen for a few hours you are sadly mistaken and I would point you towards the direction of your nearest beauty supply store.

However if you are looking for something that will seep down and penetrate , seep down and allow the blood flow to circulate and stimulate that growth- stick with me kid you’ll grow farther and faster 

- What we have here is an elixer concocted of the essential vitamins and minerals proven to stimulate and "blossom" thisis medicine for your roots hand crafted and cultivated with intentions, PURE UNCUT ORGANIC GRADE A featuring remedies from all around the world-
How to use : apply a small amount and patch test - if it is too strong please dillute i garauntee that the potency is like no thing you have ever known AND IT WORKS - massage into scalp for 5 -10 minutes, then root to tip and cover with plastic for added treatment you can even warm it up  or simply style as desired .
For maximal results apply 2-3 times a week or as needed.
Why is this so strong? i refused to dillute it or add any fragrances or ingredients that could ultimately disrupt the purity. let my competitors dillute it ide rather give you wnat you truly need RESULTS.
Why is it limited edition ? The supply is limited because my supplies are limited i had a friend and client bring me chebe from chad because most sellers online are literally selling dirt to unknwing buyers and i had to get the hawaiian mago seed oil from a recent visit to hawaii and also its really hard to find good quality, so since i cant just jump on a plain to africa to get my chebe or hawaii for my mangoes, much less months and moths of product sampling and testing for quality control this will only be released once  every 2 years.
And so in celebration of 20 years in the industry we present the limited edition blossom oil, Infused with the refreshing and healing powers of the sweet hawaiian mango, african chebe, authentic asian fenugreek PLUS over 20 other tantilizing ingredients jam packed with vitamins A,C,D & E. This unique formula stimulates blood flow and growth to the folicles while strengthening hair, sealing ends and encouraging elasticity. Every ingredient is organic and of the highest quality, truly suitable for a queen.
  • ingredients:

    HaWaiian Mango Seed , Chebe, Fenegreek, 
    Sweet Almond, #Avacado, Jojoba, Rose hip, Tea tree, Grape seed, Black seed, Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive, Aloe vera, Argan, Garlic, Moringa, Jamaican black castor, Peppermint, Ginger,and Eucalyptis oils