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Vet your vendors : How to find vendors and avoid scammers so that you can save -

Vet your vendors : How to find vendors and avoid scammers so that you can save -

Vet your vendors

How to find vendors and avoid scammers  so that you can save money AND make more money!

By Leah King


Vetting vendors can be intimidating even for seasoned veterans like myself. With everything that's happened and been affected in the world since the pandemic, now more than ever people are looking for more options to secure financial freedom. Consider this book as my offer to present you with a guide to do just that. Even though some things have changed there are a few key principles that remain the same. In 'Vet your vendors' the aim is to highlight what is relevant and necessary because it is too easy to get distracted by what is not. If you understand how to buy wholesale then you can buy anything, anywhere, at any time. Would it be nice if your money made you more money? Buying wholesale whether that be through import and export or locally, is something you want to navigate deliberately. Allow me to give me the tools to do just that.

My name Leah King but you can call me “ the vendor plug “. For years people have been coming to me for vendors. It's likely because I have been selling products for at least twelve years (from hand made to private label to drop shipping) so I guess it is safe to say I've learned a the thing or two along the way. A lot has changed since it all began so many years ago silk screening T-shirts with my roommate in my tiny basement apartment in Flatbush Brooklyn. However thankfully. one thing still remains the same and that is my innate nature to help others.

Throughout these years if ever someone were to ask me how to get vendors? Or even who my vendors were? I never felt the need to gatekeep. I would just tell them. I've been in those shoes. I absolutely hated the feeling of being rejected when I asked someone for advice or even just point in the right direction and I never wanted to make anyone else feel that way. I knew one day I wanted to put everything I had and uncovered and one book. from all of the mistakes that were avoidable to all of the shortcuts that were available. Now I don't have to keep repeating myself I can point people to one specific place . I get to teach them how to vet vendors and remove some of the mystique.

It feels amazing to be in position to enable others, especially women, to empower themselves financially. I used to wish I had a book like this when I was coming up. I wished I had a friend like me then, and sometimes even now. I've come to realize that apparently there was always a purpose why I did not . Why it wasn't easy for me, at all. Why I constantly bumped my head and was consistently confronted with metaphorical brick walls at every turn. If I didn’t have to figure it out on my own and do it the hard way, I wouldn’t be here. I couldn't stand before you confidently, fully equipped, eager to help and genuinely enthused to bring all the information that I've gathered back to the community.

I really try to break it down in layman's terms and keep it simple. A lot of the time the problem is that people tend to over complicate it. I'll be happy if I can just get you set off into the right direction and even happier if I can give you the basic tools so that you won't get lost along the way. So that effect I suppose you could think of this book as sort of a compass. At your disposal if ever you need a guide.

Yes I have a inserted a free vendors list in this book. But who knows how long they'll remain relevant or how many of your needs will be met with a specific list alone. Luckily that's just a bonus, and I did not come here to give you a fish so you that you can eat for one day. I came to teach you how to make a rod so that you can go and fish wherever you are and whenever you want. I'm also gonna show you some of the best spots to fish this way you won’t you can always find ways to eat. And that is is the intention I said when I said out on this mission.



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