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Nyc Butterfly Braids presents


What is ProgressPick ?

Progress pick is a program designed to give back. In the spirit of empowerment and transformation, one free salon service is awarded every month to someone who is taking initiative and making strides. This is an effort sponsored by NYC ButterFLY Braids Hair Story Podcast. The objective being, to touch move and inspire.


Progress looks different on everyone. While you can nominate as many people as you want as many times as you want, be mindful of the objective and lets try to maintain the integrity of the criteria.

Nominate !


Fine Print...

Unfortunately until we get more stylist on board with the program we can only select one lucky person per month. If you are selected you will receive an email like this- requesting further details.


Please note,

If you are selected please reply with urgency appointments will need to be reserved in advance, the lucky candidate will be asked a few questions and presented with a few options for services at no cost what so ever.

Once a date and time is agreed upon all they have to do is show up! there will be a brief interview for the podcast where this inspiring human being can share their story and inspire others to keep pushing forward just like they do everyday. Photos

and videos will be taken as well especially of the fabulous hair style courtesy of @HairStylesByHer_ 

Finally !

Best wishes butterflies

please share this across all of your social media platforms if you can 

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