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How much ? Boxbraids? Goddess locs? Twist? Faux locs?

How much ? Great question, I mean after all this is why you came here isn't it ?

You might have noticed there are no pricelist on my website. This for good reason I will explain further below however in short pricing varies. As a fastest alternative to get my rates ou could easily fill out the contact form

Pricing depends solely on the size and length. I also think its only right to factor in the amount of effort involved so for me rates vary accordingly. What is the size length and density of your desired look, I have reference photos all over my site as well as on my instagram and facebook so you can send me a picture if you find it difficult to put into words.

What is the length texture and over all condition of your hair and scalp? This will help me assess the time i will need to invest... how do you describe your hair is it very short ? very long ? very thick ? very tangled ? very brittle ? very coarse ?very fine ? very curly ? Very damaged ? Very healthy ? Very easy to manage ?

Is the size of your head is larger than average be honest so that I am prepared also so you won't be disappointed with the desired look compared to the outcome. Everybody has a unique head shape and hairline what looks amazing on her may not fit your face the same so keep that in mind. It is always good to know what you want and how you want it, but there is nothing like the opinion and expertise of an experienced professional. 2 heads are always better than one.

SO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR STYLIST. You can talk to me I am honest and I want the best outcome.

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