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Ouch! Why am I so damn Tender Headed ?

Why am I So Tender headed ?

Being tenderheaded can be defined as having a tender scalp... but why? Why is my scalp so tender you might ask.

Well for starters we are constantly under attack from environmental pollution from dirt and bacteria. Some of us have become sensitized due to use of chemical treatments from no lye to hair dye ( ie perms, bleach , permanent and semi permanent hair color). Before I begin I know some of you will say but

"I was just born this way" and that may be the case for a chosen few. While some of you may have skin conditions ( and I recommend you see a dermatologist or trichologist ). But often times we put added stresses on our hair and scalp and that can be a huge factor as to answering the timeless question


1. Over manipulationand is my first assumption in most cases . If you just took down a style and you didnt give your hair and scalp enough time to recover they may become tender. 2. I don't recommend doing hair too often In my experience even with my own natural hair i find its best to give hair and scalp a time to " breathe " between protective styles 3. Also note that hair wound to tightly could be the culprit. Wearing tight cornrows, buns, twist, box braids, goddess locs, or even simple natural updo like ponytails can put unwanted stress on your scalp and cause discomfort and breakage over time. Go easy on the tension.

4. The detangling debacles. Combing and detangling hair with little concentration to effort can make your scalp pulse with pain. Over manipulation can be damaging this is why protective styling is your friend. A Good ps will protect your hair and scalp and all those precious follicles from the constant pulling stretching tugging and yanking which can leave scalp scarred or inflammated and thats just unfortunate.

5. Be weary of the music : moisturize, listen and take your time. You should not be hearing a popping and cracking sound when detangling your hair. Your hair should be moisturized not desert dry. Beware of the snap crackle and pop. Breakage is bad but once hair is removed from the follicle completely you find thining and if that persist it can be unforgiving. 6. Products penalizing you ? You will find in many cases that over time over using products with out clarifying the scalp properly can suffocate your follicles do you want to go in and cleanse thoroughly every now and again. Another way products might be working against us is if we don't properly read our labels or check expiration dates.

7. Allergens can come from anywhere including our food, shampoo, conditioner, detergent etc so keep all these factors in mind. You could be allergic to an ingredient in your product. That can cause itching, irritation, inflammation and so much discomfort. Beware of sodium/laureth, cocamide DEA, TEA or MEA these ar sulfates and parabens commonly found in hair products. 8. Potential skin conditions if you suffer from a condition like eczema, alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, or psoriasis this could be a huge factor. As a direct result irritation pain sore scalp itchiness and scaling may persist. I highly recommend seeing a doctor , dermatologist or trichologist immediately. I would also recommend converting to all natural products if you haven't already. And mind your ph. 9. Scratching the surface. Lets face it some of us are still wearing wigs and weaves. Those things itch... sometimes the only way to ease the discomfort is to pat your head profusely or get some abstract object and force it betwixt those tracks and at that point we are not gentle... Now I am sure you can see what's wrong with that picture. Be gentle when scratching those sweet spots. As they may result in soreness, breakage, inflammation, bleeding, and even worse scarring.

Any of the aforementioned can cause the scalp to become infected so lightly. If the protective layer of skin tissue on the scalp is there could be blood or puss even swollen lymphs... Its best to seek out a professional as this can lead to hair loss sometimes permanent if not treated properly.tread

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