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Will you wash my hair ?

Will you wash my hair ?

This question is always posed to me, it is a great question and I understand why you might ask. As much as I love to accommodate my clients I am so sorry guys but nope, I do not wash my clients hair. And here is exactly why.

For starters all of my clients are urged to come "braid ready" no matter what the installation is. I have to start on clean conditioned hair for best results. Since my main concern is hair health I do not use heat whatsoever. Not at all not even on my own hair.

Let me also add that honestly and in all reality it is quite unrealistic to think I would have time to wash your hair and air dry it. Especially when time is already limited due to the demand.

For these reasons I prefer clients are washed conditioned and detangled. This will ensure a fast, and painless installation.


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