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How to spruce up or refresh your box braids and twists ?

When your braids or twists start to lack luster there are more than a handful of things you can do to rejuvenate them but here are my top 5 diy box braid or twist revival tips .


  1. ​You never want to over abuse your hair products. Just grease or oil your scalp reasonably as needed. I prefer oil and water blends. After that you'll want to tie your braids or twist down overnight you'll wake up with your hair layed. This is the most simple and effective way.

2. Occasionally you can add a small amount, no more than a handful of alcohol free mousse. This will

help you tame those stubborn flyaways.

3. ​ You can also add curl rods to the ends of your braids or twist and carefully dip those ends into very hot water for at least 10 seconds. Keep 2 towels on hand and when they are completely dry remove the rods. Later you can create a loose updo with playful curls.

4. For a deep wave braid your braids or twist into several plaits and carefully dip those plaits in very hot water. Keep 2 towels on hand and hold the plaits in the water for at least 10 seconds. When they are completely dry undo the plaits and reveal your new wavy look.

5.​ For a simple refresh without adding curls or waves very carefully Dip your braids or twist hot water as they are, u can even go ahead and add a little baby oil to the hot water this will create a new seal on braids that start to get fuzzy...

​*** Hot Tip ***

Do not dip your braids or twist down to natural hair just dip up to where your natural hair ends.

AS A BONUS TIP : you could alway just unravel your hair and enjoy the wavy wiggles.


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