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Is this Deposit refundable ?

Is this Deposit refundable ? When ? How ?

The fact that you have to ask makes me think you could be a little sketchy...

Why pay a deposit and commit to a day if you can not honor your part of the agreement by simply showing up ...

That's all you have to do , show up - I can take the wheel from that point.

Is the deposit refundable ? really ?

I mean It's not a dumb question but I am not exactly eager to book you if this is your main concern.

I don't ever book or accept a deposit unless we both agree on a date and time. That means I am making myself available exclusively to you and hopefully you are doing the same.


Reserving your slot means just that.

It means I'm not going to flake on you. It means I won't dump you because I am offered more money or a better opportunity and it means l will communicate with you if anything has changed the same way I expect for you to communicate to me.


I AM NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING EXCUSES nor do I care to entertain them.

There are 12 hours in the day I split those hours in half I devote my entire day to my craft. More and more often I bend time and I make huge exceptions and sacrifices for my clients.



However a last minute request I will do my best to oblige but as an example ; you can't ask for pizza, have me purchase and prep all the trimmings for that pizza and then say your now in the mood for a nice turkey dinner right before the pizza goes in the oven. You just might starve that night.

Basically just don't have me purchase wash and prep black hair and then decide you want purple the night before or the same day, you could ask but I cant promise you will get it. So to avoid any disappointment lets not discuss one thing and then try to do a whole other thing when your appointment comes . I prefer fair warning to make changes.


I spend a lot of money on your hair and your hair products. I spend hours pre washing drying and stretching the hair extensions . Often I order hair just for you and I wash it and prep it to the size and length you requested just to save you as much time as possible so that when you arrive I move efficiently from one client to the next and no one has to wait or sit in my chair for longer than absolutely necessary.


I reserve the right to cancel our appointment if you are a basket case and you give me headaches. If you are rude to me at any point or if I feel the session will be uncomfortable for some reason based off of our communication or lack thereof.

I reserve the right to cancel.

Why ? Because I need to work in a positive environment at all times. That means no awkward vibes and no drama. This is non negotiable this is why my work looks so good, its made with love.


SLOTS ARE LIMITED and so my time is very valuable. I definitely have been in situations when I order or purchase hair specifically for a client with my own moneys, only for them to totally flake on me with no communication at all. So i have to have insurance. I can not have people cancelling on little to no notice with little regard to how that affects my business.

REFUNDS I too live within the unpredictability of a day in this reality and so I am aware that things happen so But deposits are non refundable : SO PLEASE BE SURE YOU CAN COMMIT TO THE DATE AND TIME BEFORE YOU SEND IN YOUR DEPOSIT : If you communicate with me in a decent amount of time ahead of our appointment we can potentially reschedule. But if you cancel the same day or the day before - I don't care what the circumstance is I treat it like a no call no show and your deposit will not be returned... And I will never work with you again.

I have to put these disclaimers out there because in the past people have mistreated me and mismanaged my time and cost me a lot of money and opportunities then try to paint me out as the bad guy when in reality I too am human and if you communicate with me I am understanding and all I ask is for that respect most of the time I am eager to reschedule.

I too have a family so if I am working with you I am taking precious time away from them of course I am rewarded for that time and I appreciate it but not if you squander it. I also just genuinely don't like wasting my time. Not only could I easily fill the slot if you cancel in a fair amount of time but in any other case I could also easily be doing other things. I WORK 6-7 DAYS A WEEK 10-14 HOUR DAYS ON MY FEET and I could simply enjoy that time all to myself. So consider that.


If you really think I'm some bum who just takes 50.00 and doesn't honor their duty you don't need to be here. Go and find a nice place you can walk in or whatever makes you more comfortable. Im not in any way shape or form about that life, my job is not to convince you that I am not a thief. I move with integrity and that's why I have been doing this so long. Really what am I gonna do with 50.00 ? not to brag but I nearly make that an hour, and this is not my only source of income.

Again the deposit is only 50.00 so even if you dont show up and I treat is as a no call no show your not really doing me a favor. If I didnt hold that seat for you I could have made up to 8x that amount and at the very least 3x as I don't have any styles at the moment under 150.00... So unfortunately in reserving your seat I lose money when you don't show and for me that matters...

That's why I started mandatory deposits in the 1st place ... And also with all the new technological advances it has become as easy as clicking a button. But don't waste my time. The kind of person I am : I legitimately wish I could please everybody. there are people who really really need their hair done, we've all been there.


This happens often someone calls me like " hey can I come in tomorrow my stylist flaked and I have a flight to catch in 2 days do you have any slots left please I will take anything I will pay anything It's my sisters wedding I really need you " When I get calls , emails, or text similar to this I feel so horrible. I wanna help this person not for the money alone but because she is in trouble she needs me ...

But I would never dump a client who already reserved her seat that's not right. So imagine I am holding that seat she needs just for you and you don't show up , no call no text or some sorry excuse. It's annoying and careless I can't deal with people like that and I don't want to or have to...

This deposit helps let me know that you are serious. I always send a friendly reminder the night before and call or text the day of. Good communication is my way to say I value you, I value your time and I won't let you down.


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