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Pros vs. Cons of Protective Styles

We were all born natural but along the way some of our parents introduced us to chemicals, even mine. Since then some of us have removed these products from our regimen, some of us are transitioning, some of us are contemplating and others just plain don't mind. Wherever you stand you too can benefit from a good old fashioned protective style.

Here are the Pros vs. Cons of protective styling.

Pro: No detangling

Pro: Versatile

Pro: Encourages growth

Pro: Can be any length

Pro: Can be any color

Pro: Low maintenance

Pro: Long lasting

Pro: Light weight

Con: Not real

Con: Not permanent

Con: Hair needs to be moisturized often

Con: Hard to find a great stylist like me Alaya Ayala

You see ladies, the absolute truth is, that If and when your hair is installed properly there aren't very many cons.


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