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What is a protective style?

I define a protective style as a style that gives your natural hair a much needed break. A protective style is a sort of cocoon of safety that promotes recovery and growth. A protective style is a great way to seal your natural hair and prevent constant manipulation which can result in damaged hair or unnecessary hair loss.

Hair in many ways is fragile, a protective style can not only prevent breakage but can also shelter your hair from over exposure to harsh chemicals and elements such as the sun and heat.

As beautiful and awe inspiring as our hair is naturally our tightly wound kinky, curly, coily hairs can easily wrap around one another and cause tangles, snags and knots.

Protective styles pardon us from that which can truly become a burden.

Besides some of you are too busy, to lazy, or just plain too underqualified to manage your own hair and that's okay.

You could always opt for a fabulous protective style they look way better than a scarf or a bonnet ( just saying ).

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite protective styles.


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