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What kind of Hair & How much hair do you use for box braids ? The SECRET to the best BRAIDS ever

The amount of hair used will range in accordance to the size length and density of your hair and we must also factor in the size of your head as well as the desired outcome.

I always make proportion my priority. No matter what the style or size . Why because that Is the only true strategy for success. When the braid or loc or twist is in proper proportion with the space around it, it doesn't feel uncomfortable or unnatural.

It isn't too heavy for the section of hair and so it wont pull on the follicles or weigh the hair down which over time can be painful and damaging. That is way I take every measure to properly manage the hair to hair section ratio.

What kind of hair do I use for my box braids? Or what is the best braiding hair on the market currently ? well I prefer Xpression premium braiding hair as it performs well. It doesn't tangle as much and it's over all a higher quality braiding hair then we used growing up.

I have been braiding hair over 15 years so i assure you that your hair and especially your edges is in the best blessed hands. Hair is also pre washed and pre stretched so it isn't irritating to you and your precious sensitive skin and scalp. This also saves us both time on the installation.


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