Hair Repair ; Edge Control

My Hair Repair edge control (clear) Growth Formula, is amazing alot of thought went into this selection. It's the only edge tamer I am using on myself and my clients. I just love that it is hydrating, non flaking, non caking and gentle. It will not tear your edges out but instead build them up as it provides a light moisturizng slick sleek hold.

" This product is really making a difference, I am so greatful"

              - Kimesha Christion

Hair Repair ; Tinted Edge Control

My Hair Repair (tinted) Edge Control (Growth Formula, is the perfect choice to conceal those stray grays ... amplify the appearance of fullness and fill ou any gaps, thinning, patches or balding. It is thick, opaque and long lasting all while healing and protecting your precious perimeters with just the right amount of black tint to really make your edges pop!!! A must try.

" I am in looooooooove with   this edge control "

                   - Jasmine Singh

Hair Repair ; Royal Oil

Hair Repair presents The Royal Oil Growth Formula, this amazing blend has been perfected aftter nearly 7 years of creating my own oil blends to better service my clients and myself. I am proud of this product above all. Ingredients are GRADE A - Organic extremely potent and undilluted so you really only need a small amount.

" A little bit goes such a long way, I'm impressed "

             - Shantel Thompson

Hair Repair ; Edge Control

" Edges are layed as promised. Glowing and growing. Thanks boo "

               - Dahnte Gardner 

Hair Repair ; Tinted Edge Control

" Results... Im buying 1 for every one  on the squad great product and it works "

                   - Cairo Kelis 

Hair Repair ; Royal Oil

" I'm proud of you, god bless everything you do, the #royaloil  is everything I'm so impressed "

               - Makiyah Alim Bey