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What should I bring to my hair appointment ?

What should I bring to my hair appointment ?

What should you bring ? You mean besides your smile ? Besides your good vibrations ?

There is no real need to bring anything with you to your appointment. The hair and accessories are provided unless you and I have made other arrangements, however I have a few suggestions that will surely help you pass the time and remain comfortable all of which are not necessary but recommended.

I have all the tools and supplies to accomplish the task. I always provide moisturizers and oils as well so literally the only thing you need to bring is yourself. Washed detangled and Braid ready . The only other things I recommend as must haves and don't usually supply are ; something to eat , something to do and something to charge your devices. But still I have created a short list you can review.

  1. Food, fruit, snacks

  2. Drinks, water, coffee

  3. Phone, tablet , Laptop

  4. Charger

  5. Book, magazine, kindle

  6. Crosswords, Sudoku

  7. Pillow

  8. Personal Hair products if you have a preference



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